Leadership Workshop: Re-imagining Boundaries

14 Jan

Leadership Workshop: Re-imagining Boundaries

Leadership Workshop

Thursday, January 23, 2020

With featured Author, Gabor George Burt

Slingshot: Re-imagining Boundaries

The future success of your organization depends on your ability to:

  • Re-imagine the boundaries of your current business.
  • Re-imagine the boundaries of the broader market space you occupy.

The two together insure ongoing relevance and profitable growth. Gabor will look at the Customer Experience Cycle of your business. The CEC is the visual mapping of the total experience that customers/ clients/consumers have with the offering of your company. Once the total experience is mapped out, we seek to identify key ‘Pain Points’ — the points during their experience when customers feel the most discomfort, inefficiency, or disconnect. Every organization creates ‘Pain Points’ for their target audience, therefore the basis of meaningful innovation is to track and identify them.

January 23rd from 8:30 am to 11:30 am

Elgin Community College

1700 Spartan Drive, Building “E”, Elgin, IL.

The Workshop is for members, member company employees, member referrals and other invited guests. Attendees will receive a copy of “Slingshot ” by Gabor George Burt.

The registration fee of $95 is waived for attendees from member companies.

Registration: To reserve seats for attending please contact Ed Breclaw at (630)469-8577 or email at EBreclaw@executiveforums.com by January 16th.