“I have known Ed Breclaw for over 10 years. During that period, I have found his insight most helpful. He has the ability to help individuals decide on and move into a particular direction without actually telling them what the direction should be. He has equipped himself with many outside resources to supplement everything he does.“

- Dwain Tataryn, CPA, CFP Financial Advisor Mueller Financial Services, Inc.

Ed Breclaw is the penultimate business coach because he does not tell you what to do, but instead shines a light forward to help you find your own way. He regularly reviews the latest business books and articles and suggests the reads that will provide the greatest value to your business. He provides smart counsel based on his own broad experience and the dozens of business owners and executives he has worked with throughout the years.

- Jane Cooper, President Cooper Hong Inc., a full-service brand development and public relations agency that offers integrated marketing communications capabilities

“Ed has been a valuable asset in my business and to me personally. I value and respect his wisdom, experience, candor, business acumen and friendship. I would recommend Ed to any person serving in a leadership position who desires to have a trusted, external resource in which to bounce ideas, business issues, complex decision-making issues, challenges etc. – who also will always level with you about the likely outcome of such matters. Ed is extremely well networked and connected in the business community – a testimony to his inherent people skills, the importance and value he places in establishing and maintaining long-term relationships.“

- Paul Szemplinski, President, CEO & Founder, IDT, Inc., Itasca, IL