About Us

Gazelles International

Gazelles International is a worldwide, premiere coaching association composed of independent, executive business coaches who assist growth companies with the development of the Gazelles One-Page Strategic PlanTM and implementation of the Four DecisionsTM, based on the book Mastering the Rockefeller Habits by Gazelles founder, Verne Harnish. Gazelles International’s worldwide, professional coaches currently serve clients on six continents.

Gazelles International coaches focus primarily on the development of chief executives and their executive teams of $1MM to $250MM growth companies and business units using the Four Decisions as the framework for growth.

Gazelles International Coaches
Gazelles International coaches are many of the most experienced, most effective executive coaches in the world. Gazelles International coaches assist their clients with the implementation of the Four Decisions, refinement of the One-Page Strategic Plan, annual and quarterly business planning, executive coaching for performance, and other services.

Why “Gazelles”?
Gazelles’ founder Verne Harnish tells a story about gazelles and lions. It’s a competitive world out there when you’re a growth company. Gazelles (the animals) spend their days running – it’s how they survive. Growth companies must do the same, by proactively focusing on growth.

“Gazelle” is also a technical economic term for a company growing at an annual rate of 20 percent (or more). If your company is a “gazelle” – or aspires to be one – you should be working with Illinois Growth Advisors.