“Enough About Millennials” by Patrick Lencioni

“Enough About Millennials” by Patrick Lencioni The question raised in this interesting article by Patrick Lencionci is whether the talk about Millennials is becoming tiring? After all, isn’t it expected that younger generations will be different is certain ways than the generations that have come before them? Yes, this is true and so much has… Read more »

How Great Leaders Build Trust and Increase Employee Engagement

Summary Organizations that are aligned and have high employee engagement get better results, attract top talents and are great places to work. How to great leaders accomplish building trust and creating such an effective work environment where employees thrive? Christine Comaford, author of SmartTibes has written an excellent article on this subject. Read more on Forbes.com… Read more »

How Asking for Help Actually Helps You

How Asking for Help Actually Helps You Summary Would you agree that successful people are people who get things done? So the next question is how do they do this? Besides taking risks, thinking big, and executing well thought out plans: successful people ask for help. Camille Preston in a Fortune Magazine article describes why… Read more »