What Are Your (Real) Priorities?

Executive Summary: At the end of the year, the only question that will matter is “were the goals achieved?” Ken Keller focuses in this article on setting the right priorities as the solution to this challenge. Read more   Success in 2015 will be determined by how effectively the leader executes against their plan. At… Read more »

You Want Better Results? Try Accountability! by Ken Keller

 A Business Article From Renaissance EXECUTIVE FORUMS Written by: Ken Keller Delivered to you by: Ed Breclaw You want better results? Try accountability! BB 1971, Clint Eastwood was a famous movie actor, just a few years removed from playing a supporting role on the television series “Rawhide.” He’d since starred as The Man with No… Read more »

Ken Keller: Permission to Argue is Granted

One of the characteristics of an effective management team is the ability to argue, debate, challenge and openly discuss conflicts. Ken Keller distills the essence of this in a recent business article titled “Permission to Argue Is Granted”. Peggy Noonan wrote a column in the Wall Street Journal on April 20 about her attendance at… Read more »